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About Us

Our Mission: To provide services for treating substance use, mental health, and homelessness so that individuals may return to the community as responsible, employed, and permanently housed contributing members of society.

Our Vision: In recovery, a “sense of community” must be established for the therapeutic process to continue. Our vision is to extend our continuum of care of services for clients by creating feelings of belonging and connectedness. In a “ripple effect,” we will keep clients engaged in the therapeutic process as they become role models for the benefit of the whole community.

Godfrey Kobets founded Benilde Hall as a transitional home for teenage boys in 1987 at 1600 Paseo with the Lay Volunteers of DeLaSalle. In 1993, Benilde Hall changed their focus to serving adult males instead. In 1999, Benilde Hall moved from 1600 Paseo to 3220 E. 23rd Street, which was formerly Queen of the World Hospital.

In 2006, Benilde Hall opened Matt Talbot, a 12-unit permanent housing apartment building for men who successfully completed the Benilde Hall program. Benilde Hall more than doubled their capacity in 2018 by renovating the current building, housing up to 110 men. In 2021, Benilde Hall purchased a house for graduates of the program, named after Dr. Thomas Hall. The Dr. Thomas Hall House provides housing for up to 6 men at a time.


“A trust and understanding must be built between the residents and the staff, based on mutual respect and understanding. Once these initial relationships have been established, the resident can proceed with a certain amount of confidence and enthusiasm into a full recovery program. He now has a set of values and a frame of reference from which to work. His personal growth will continue along with the recovery process and will allow the individual to function in society in a meaningful and responsible manner.” - Godfrey Kobets, Founder