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Safe Haven

The Safe Haven program at Benilde Hall is one of 24 Safe Haven programs in the United States. Centrally located in Kansas City, Safe Haven can often provide immediate housing for individuals who qualify for VA housing referrals. The emergency beds at Safe Haven provide for veterans whom the KCVA cannot place and who need a safe haven off the street for the night. Clients can stay for up to 6 months. 

Safe Haven offers a low-stress, low-demand environment for homeless veterans of U.S. military service. Because few demands are imposed, clients have the opportunity to make choices that are good for themselves while they reside at Safe Haven.

Safe Haven can provide various services including case management through our social worker, sessions with substance use disorder and mental health counselors, including access to a chaplain and registered nurse. Clients can decide what areas of their lives need healing and seek out appropriate means to that objective. 

Safe Haven housed 77 clients in 2021 and had 5,622 bed nights. 46 of those clients became permanently housed.

Contact the VA to inquire about a referral to the Safe Haven program.

KC VA  816-861-4700 or