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Transitional Housing

Transitional Housing

Benilde Hall has the capacity to house up to 100 men. Each room is furnished with bunk beds and storage for each client. A room may house anywhere from 4-12 men.

After the intake process is complete, each client receives a bedroll including necessary linens, and a hygiene kit. Housing includes shower facilities, exercise equipment, and a group room where TV is available when groups are not being conducted. The clients are served 3 meals per day, encompassing nutritional requirements appropriate for an adult male.

Clients are required to be sober / drug free to remain housed at Benilde Hall. Clients can expect to be randomly tested for drugs and alcohol, and all clients are subject to random room inspections to ensure no prohibited substances are on property.

While Benilde Hall is not a medical facility, there is an RN on staff, and medication management is provided.

Benilde Hall is not a locked facility, meaning our clients are free to come and go to work or school, seek employment, and have a social life off property with staff approval.

Participation in group therapy is mandatory, and a variety of subjects are covered throughout the week. Groups are available day and evening to accommodate those who work or attend school.

Every client has an individual treatment plan developed with the counselor based on their unique needs, and are updated every 30, 60, and 90 days. The treatment plan focuses on attaining individual outcomes. Progress is based on program participation and length of time in the program at each level. To be considered successfully discharged clients must be:

  • abstinent
  • have improved income
  • move to stable housing
  • improved mental health if they have a mental illness

In 2019 Sixty-seven percent successfully discharged the program.

Benilde Hall provided services to 318 men in 2019. Upon discharge:

  • 81% were abstinent
  • 87% had improved mental health
  • 67% had increased income
  • 95% increased social skills
  • 71% had stable housing


Benilde Hall provided 10,561 units of relapse prevention groups, 6,395 units of DBT group counseling, 828 units of health literacy counseling, 445 units of HIV group counseling, 1032 units of case management, 5,829 units of community service, 3,557 units of individual substance use disorder counseling, 494 units of psychotherapy, 794 hrs. of Seeking Safety Group (5 months) and 124 units of psychiatric services.