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Outcomes & Highlights

Services provided at the Benilde Hall Main Campus include:

Housing – Transitional housing services and long-term independent housing.

Substance Use Disorder Treatment – All residents must participate in a recovery program that includes group counseling, community groups, individual counseling, and community service. 

Services for Persons with Co-existing Disorders – On-site psychological services for clients with a dual diagnosis of substance use disorder and mental health diagnosis.

Case Management – Each resident receives case management services tailored to their unique needs. They may receive services including employment counseling, financial and independent living skills, recreation activities, legal advocacy & referrals, transportation, spirituality, and referrals to community self-help groups and medical, dental, and vision services through Swope Health and University Health. Our case managers assist residents in obtaining their birth certificates, state IDs/driver's licenses, and Social Security cards and finding permanent housing.

Recovery Coordination – Our clinical team provides support for our residents in their recovery by connecting them with additional services they may need outside of Benilde Hall. Services provided include referrals to off-site behavioral health providers and assistance in obtaining medication such as Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) and psychiatric prescriptions. Benilde Hall's Fun in Recovery meets weekly and provides an outlet for our residents to re-integrate with the community, connect with each other, and discover new hobbies while in recovery. 

Work Therapy – Benilde Services, a compensated work program provides employment opportunities to the men of Benilde Hall. The program provides lawn care, nursery and landscaping, painting, snow removal, moving, and repair services. Residents also have the opportunity to work in our kitchen as part of our compensated work program. Resident volunteer opportunities include feeding our chickens and taking care of our garden. Employers we partner with include Slap's BBQ and UPS.